FM can survive double air combos as well

You lot are very unfair, destroyers and some other classes can kill a player in one short combo but you are mad about air combo that does almost no damage. We have to beat on people a lot more compared to most others, the boost is fine, y'all just mad

Natural sized for the character

I would actually be in support of a few more sliders to adjust shape. There's something about the Gon chest region that looks off..they're too flat up top, and too much pointy at the nip...not sure how to explain it best, but big (and small) breasts tend to follow a

Blade & Soul Gameplay(High Quality)

I can't wait beta is this coming Friday!! I bought one of the packages.. and I am so looking forward to playing in the beta this coming weekend. I have waited for at least 3 years or so for this game. I have to say that this is just an incredibly

Blade and Soul – PvP Event / Gilde EisZeit | BlackyWidow

Ich habe kein Skype mehr, darum kann ich nicht mehr schreiben. Wegen der Helga Waffe: Mein Jägi ist erst 92, ich habe Fiesta online vernachlässigt und spiele manchmal KQ. Spielst du noch Fiesta und brauchst du die Waffe? Hab erst neulich mit BnS angefangen und kann mich nicht zwischen Blade &

The combat helps bring in something

They're giving it average review scores, which in all fairness is pretty accurate. aside from the combat there's not a lot that this game is doing that isn't being done better elsewhere. the quests are super repetitive, dungeons and their resulting boss fights are not particularly interesting, and the graphics