Warmane The Faction Change Base GAuide

Faction change is irreversible and not eligible for a refund. Faction change is enabled only from Horde to Alliance, in order to keep a healthy horde-alliance In order to change faction, firstly you will have to create an alliance character. This character will be used only for race, name (you

MU Legend Dungeons Program Instructions

Epic Dungeons are high-difficulty treasure vaults filled with uncommon things Epic Dungeons is usually found out in the open just like Typical Dungeons, along with the abundance of things discovered inside tends to make them among MU Legend's primary farming dungeons. These dungeons are mostly for players who have leveled up

FM can survive double air combos as well

You lot are very unfair, destroyers and some other classes can kill a player in one short combo but you are mad about air combo that does almost no damage. We have to beat on people a lot more compared to most others, the boost is fine, y'all just mad