Blade & Soul NA Tower of Memories

Tower of Memory is a limited time event, similar to the Vipercap Gauntlet event. It is available from Oct 5th to the 23rd. Minimum level is 16 and no AP/gear is required to do this. It is located in Jadestone Village, between the portals of Shattered Masts and Gloomdross Incursion.

I want to get some new costume in BnS

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Blade and Soul Gameplay It is OP and if you spec into it you can legit heal your team too. In Pvp however I don't spec so much into it as it is mostly 1v1. I think you get one more team heal but I forget what it is, I think the blossoms or

Blade & Soul Provides an Update on Competitive Play With the purpose of making Blade&Soul’s PvP more community and tournament friendly, the dev. team has been working on separating the game’s spectator features from the development tools required to run the game, which makes the community’s ability to broadcast competitive events and tournaments easier. What’ more, NCSoft plans to focus

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How to Choose Classes in BnS Also, even though I said some mean as F comments about this video, you're probably totally chill dude. So like, if anything could you just make a new better video on this? I could help you write a script if you have a hard time writing something or your own?

Blade and Soul KFM Solo

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