Please Change Blade And Soul EU server names

This petition is towards the NCSOFT staff, I made the same thread on the official forums although less members of the community have access, hence I am also posting it here. The intents of this thread are not for a pitchfork mutiny, but an open discussion as to how the

BNS pvp experience

hi i have been playing bns since start of the beta and i noticed some things on classes and on what i have learned so far from other classes. iam a kfm player but i feel as a kfm i have a disadvantage againt all other classes as i wil explain

Combos with nightblade – “Dark strike” (?)

Hi people! I´m trying to learn the nightblade. My level is 8 at the moment and i wanna learn how to use my "dunkler Hieb" (should be "dark strike" or something in english). In the combo-description one can read that i have to be in decoy-mode and then push "F" to

Blade and Soul [CN] to Launch Cosmetic Wings This Month

We can see wings in most MMORPGs. It can not only make your character much more brilliant, but also add some cool bonuses. Soon the Chinese gamers can also enjoy the fantastic wings in Blade and Soul. Tencent Games has just announced that they will soon release the cosmetic wings in

Blade and Soul is an awesome Beautyful Game

Things that made me spechless and deeply sad ...about this beautyful Game ... i waited so long for : - 10 Items per Day selling on Auctionshouse ONLY PER DAY for F2P Players THIS IS ACCOUNT BASED!ALTS CANT SELL EXTRA 10 FORGET IT! - Combined with the Fact that ... even if

Blade And Soul Closed Beta 4 Thoughts

Not too many thoughts this time either, life got in the way again not all of it bad but I still didn't get to play much. I got onto my KFM again, first time since I started leveling the Destroyer, at level 25 KFM is hard without practice. In fact I'm