Naksun is good for moonstones

I know a lot of players have issues with soul stone plains, to be honest, I am one of them, i hate SSP's current setup but the answer I am hearing is not an answer, its a problem, its a way to make more players quit this game, SSP needs

Rerolling and moreover quitting the game

For some of us its already too late, but i wouldn't recommend this class to anyone. The worst thing in any mmo is feel that all your time and energy has been completely wasted and thats how your gonna feel when you play this class for PVE. PVE destroyer is

Anyone else notice how the screen shakes on every attack

Anyone else notice how the screen shakes on every attack? I know some games have this feature, but its usually limited to critical strikes only.. here on this game, every single successful attack makes the screen shake.. this is a horrible feature, specially when used constantly like this. Give us

Blade and Soul – When you fight an assassin

Well i do alot of arena pvp (as KFM, Assassin and FM) and i have little problems with fighting a summoner. At first it was incredible hard to fight them till i tried one myself and found out which skills, what cooldowns, what escapes they have and how to counter

Red spin is a huge skills that consume focus

The person who keep crying about Red spin in 6v6, First off you stand in it and you attack them then you cry that they keep spamming it ? For real ? Red spin is a huge skills that consume focus, meaning if you stand away and stop attacking they

[Blade and soul ] (PVP) Warlock VS Summoner

It's about time there is a class that can actually play fair against a summoner . I mean To me Summoner 1v1 was not a 1v1 . With the cat being able to take more damage and dish out stuns as well shift places with the player , I always