Blade & Soul Packs a Solid Punch So Far

At this point through my adventure in NCSOFT's free-to-play Blade & Soul, it's clear that players should come and stay primarily for the game's combat system. At the time of this writing, I'm a Level 37 Kung Fu Master (almost at the level cap of 45), which the game declares

Bots spamming is out of control

Okay, seriously NCSoft, how bloody hard is it to implement a script using a combination of repetition detection and regular expressions to stop these Blade And Soul Gold sellers from spamming us to oblivion? I am seriously sick of having to block these idiots every 5 minutes. It really is

Movement In Blade & Soul Is Extremely Cool

Martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul launched in North America and Europe today, bringing with it one of the most gut-wrenchingly awesome movement systems I’ve ever experienced in the genre. Hold on to your stomachs, kids. You may have seen this before—Blade & Soul has been out in Asian countries since

Profane Jiangshi Outfit Gone?

So I was looking through the Wardrobe and trying to tell a friend of mine to look at what was my favorite skin from Closed Beta and... I noticed it's not there anywhere. Which I find very odd and confusing considering it was essentially a drop from a world boss,

Launch Event Host and Caster Announcement

The Blade & Soul launch event will be hosted by some fan-favorite casters and personalities. The Blade & Soul launch event in Santa Ana starts at 6pm PST on January 18, and we have a lineup of amazing hosts, casters, and commentators to ensure everyone has a great time. If you

Challenging vs Punishing

I enjoy challenging games with a learning curve that goes up even long after you thought you were good. A good challenging game is fun because you get to grow as a player. Punishing is like getting hit outside of boss attack indicators you were never in. Do you find PvE

Time To Get Ready For Blade & Soul’s Western Launch

It’s nearly time. Blade & Soul will be launching in North America and Europe on January 19th at 12:01am EST. Naturally, publisher NCSoft West wants to make sure you’re ready to jump in once you’re able to. First off, the publisher has revealed that it’ll be launching with additional servers, as