Suggestion to balance faction PVP

We all know that faction PVP is highly unfair, and that it needs some greater improvement. Some servers are dominated by cerulean, while others by crimson, making it so the other faction is rendered useless and unable to fight back or, worst of all players cannot do their dailys because

Mar.27-28, 2016 Dr.Terror Warriors Video Guide –

Team:Predator(50) Game ID:cclol^_^(my frieds list is full)Headquarters: lv21 Gunboat Energy: 104(boosted by an energy+17%+17%+40%+17%+17% statue) Warriors Amount: 64 Warriors Level: 19 Warriors HP: 1448(boosted by a HP+28% statue) Warriors DPS: 692(boosted by a attack+31%+12+13%statue) Artillery Damage: 5644 Flare: 30 seconds Medkit: 1000/7.5s Barrage Damage:11940 Shock Wave: 10 seconds Robot:12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  

Snail Games to Publish Lineage 2 Mobile in China on bladeandsoulpot

Korean MMORPGs and mobile MMOs usually come to China first and then the western market. NCsoft's Lineage 2 Mobile is the latest one that will be released in China first. Snail Games, the developer of Age of Wushu, has signed contract with NCsoft to publish Lineage 2 Mobile in China.   Lineage

DPS isn’t the only measure of player efficiency

I find AP requirement not suitable for those who take up the role of "Tank"simply because,all what a tank needs is good defensive stats (Eva,hp,defense etc) and threat stat that can be found on some accessories and can be enhanced by certain skills..Having stacked enough threat stat and knowing which