Blade And Soul state the same as it was 2 month ago?

So, i got pissed off 2 months ago because of some problems with this game/servers/whatever. I've been playing quite a number of games lately and been into game developing too. Anyway, for those reasons i need more room in my HDD and was planing to delete BnS. However, its hard

[West] Vengeance Breaks June 1, 2016 Preview –

Vengeance Breaks June 1, 2016 Your tale of revenge comes to a stunning conclusion as you face off against Jinsoyun! Silverfrost Mountains Act 4 Part 2 Will you be able to stop the Divine Mandate Ritual, or will you succumb to the darkness inside and seek revenge against your Master's killer? A stunning

bladeandsoulpot | An update on the Dojo

It's been a while since I've properly conveyed how the inner workings of the Dojo are going on. Here is a rundown of what's been going on the past few months behind the scenes here. The long sought after forum updates Months ago, even last year, we discussed possible forum updates

bladeandsoulpot – Current Daily Dash Prizes

After searching all over the place, I realized there is no convenient place to find details on the current Daily Dash board. I plan on keeping this post updated as new boards come out. If I have any details incorrect or you see something missing, please comment and I'll

Vote Kick Temporary Solution – Just an BNS idea

Was just thinking, and decided to post this idea I thought of that could possibly help reduce people taking advantage of the Kick-Feature that will be implemented. However, I am sure this will not be "Thee Solution" but might possibly help. The idea I thought of, might have been suggested, or

Blade & Soul: Automaton Lab Guide –

Automaton lab is the latest heroic dungeon released in Blade & Soul Online. The guide explains the stage mechanics and boss’s skills.  The 6-man  mode for this dungeon is made easier with additional +600 attack, +750 hit rate and +1500 pierce buff, on top of 60% damage reduction.  However,

Throne of Elves: Not Associated with Dragon Nest Anymore on bladeandsoulpot

Throne of Elves (精灵王座) is expected to be released in Summer 2016 soon. However,  Shanda Games, the owner of Dragon Nest IP and distributor of Dragon Nest Online in China, has announced that the movie Throne of Elves is no longer associated with Dragon Nest anymore. The statement is released

NCwest does decide what counts as offensive language

Summary Argument: Make it a feature that once a player has been reported by over a set amount of verified *different* players, the system will auto BAN that player's account for 1 week on the 1st offense, perm ban on their 4th offense. (User: AttacKat) Why wouldn't it work: Too easily abused. Don't like