BnS – a tale of wasted potential

BnS development is either lazy or simply not given enough money and priority by the company. List of problems with this game include: Constant recycling of existing NPCs and bosses. Bloodmane is Wintermane is Terrors and SSP Terrors, Ogong is in 3 different dungeons. Recycling of dungeons and areas. Vipercap Cavern is just

Pay to Play server, please?

Premium players would be okay, however it wouldn't change the business model at all. It'd keep it the same. I plan to still continue to support premium, even though the benefits are lacking as I enjoy the game a lot and as I am using it for entertainment they deserve


In general forum's in MMO's are just used to qq, so let me start with something positive: I love this game (don't comment, its not perfect like you all are) I am amazed by the fact how much money is spend to promote this game on the web (try browsing a

bladeandsoulpot | Vipercap Gauntlet Event

Beat the timer—and the Giant Golden Vipercap—for exceptional rewards from May 11 to June 1. Race through the Frozen Vipercap Cavern as quickly as you can to beat the timer and defeat the final fungal boss to earn awesome rewards! Truffle Shuffle For a limited time, players level 36 and above will

blade and soul next update

whenever you play a free to play game, there will always be some type of cash shop item that gives an edge. There will always be people like you who think it's not fair but need to understand that this isn't just a game. It is a business and it