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After the major skill changes in July 2016, Shadow elemental skill set finally deserves some serious attentions from Destroyer players. I have been playing earth elemental destroyer (or to be more accurate, Ani-cancel-based destroyer; elemental system was introduced later) since forever. I have made the switch to Shadow

A petition to change the gathering system

Ide like to start a petition to change the unfair system of gathering where only those who have the lower ping get to enjoy the rich quartz veins. The offer is to make an alternative systems in order to make the competition fair or an individual system that will remove competition

Merges, Columnist, Bamboo on bladeandsoulpot

Merges Hey guys, small update: I've merged the clan subforums per the recent server merging, which you can read about here. All of the threads in the clan subforums remain, they've just been moved into their appropriate "Group". If you have any issues with a missing thread or any questions regarding

Extreme lag with relatively normal speed on speedtest

My friend is having extreme lag playing this game despite having relatively normal speed on speedtest, not really fast speed but she has no problems playing other MMOs. Her speed I believe is around 10mbps, which is perfectly normal for the garbage internet we have here in Canada. In fact