Blade and Soul: August 24th Patch Thoughts PVP&DPS My thoughts on the up and coming patch. Get your big boy dps pants on and learn some rotations and proper builds you can do that with the links below. Be prepared to be called out if you're one armed playing. This usually means you spam the left click and

Blade & Soul New Trailer Revealed Several Classes’ Advancements In the latest PvP contest on the Korean server of Blade & Soul, NCSoft released the second teaser trailer for the update “Wind” uncovering the new story. From the video, we can see that Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master and Assassin get their class advancements with more devastating skills. Julia is combating

[West] Desolate Tomb, Coming August 24, 2016 –

A new pinnacle of challenging content arrives, in addition to improvements to some key systems. Overview The next level challenge content arrives with the introduction of the Desolate Tomb dungeon. Also with the update are numerous quality of life improvements, including Whirlwind Valley changes, weapon evolution discounts, and a new DPS

The biggest problem of Blade And Soul

The biggest problem is that this all didn't just begin, it already happened. The damage is done. NCSoft and their launch plans, locking the wardrobe behind a paywall, 20 bucks for a dobok (YIKES!), Reducing blight weapon gem slots from 3 to 2 to 1...seriously? At launch the newcomers had to buy