AlbionMall Albion Online Silver and Gold Review

I don't know why we didn't review AlbionMall before. AlbionMall is the undisputed KING when it comes to Albion Online Silver. Why is that? Simple, they are the longest and oldest company (that I know of) that sells Silver. Not to mention, that it is the longest running one. AlbionMall has been

Blade and Soul: 9/14 Update PSA Just Incase I don't like it either but an artist that plays the game designed it and submitted it to one of their outfit design contests. they have those annually I think. Pretty cool that they do that. But yeah, its not my favorite. They have another one coming up from one

Blade & Soul Diamond Warlock This is my forth PvP video as Warlock. I am playing the Warlock since EU Release of Warlock. I don't want to show how good I am or blame my opponents. This video is made for entertaining you. I hope I did my best job to make an entertaining Blade&Soul

Blade & Soul 3.6 – New Costumes Rendermax could u please please pleaseeee upload me the UPK files for that cat hood + outfit at 2:59 min of the video, I realy want to mod it onto one of my outfits but don't have the KR client files to find it. Will love you forever if u

Blade and Soul – 2.5.2 Patch Review Blade and Soul overview and commentary on the new 2.5.2 patch and Otter pet! The video reviews the full patch notes including the new legendary pet system and premium daily dash. The video also shows the new event reward pouches. The otter pet animations are amazing!

Blade & Soul (NA) Details VIP Members Bonuses

Blade & Soul's NA and EU versions are free to access with microtransaction. NCsoft has detailed the premium membership bonuses and a premium ranking system that allows VIP players to increase their ranks through spending NCoin and Hongmoon Coin in the in-game Hongmoon Store. Check out below the details. You can

DUN BE HATING ON MY STICK! – Blade and Soul Gameplay What's the point of that video ? This is not even gameplay, this is literally just 2 person, talking together & it doesn't even sound natural. Really no hate or anything but how do you endup making a video like this? It's the only video, i'll watch of you, why?

Blade and Soul: August 24th Patch Thoughts PVP&DPS My thoughts on the up and coming patch. Get your big boy dps pants on and learn some rotations and proper builds you can do that with the links below. Be prepared to be called out if you're one armed playing. This usually means you spam the left click and

Blade & Soul Latest Update Adds New Class Soul Fighter

; NCSoft is ready to roll out another game update for Blade & Soul in which new class Soul Fighter has been added. It's a hybrid class that "merges the fighting styles of two different martial arts - the Force Master and Kung Fu Master - allowing for expert avoidance and