Blade and Soul Fall Treasure Trove 200 keys opening Hardly worth spending all that money on keys and slots. Most of the items are pretty useless and the rare ones you get anyways eventually by playing the game regularly. Atm the Heptagonal Gems are not a must have but sooner or later they will be and by the time they

Friggin BnS support is useless

Did BnS change server location or something yesterday? I am located in Phoenix, Arizona and on the Mushin server. Starting yesterday my in-game latency has just been terrible between 200-300ms. Previously it held a stable 100-150ms. Nothing has changed at all on my end, and I have confirmed via traffic

Blade and Soul – melting old 4-man dungeon bosses KFM PoV Many classes got awakened skills changed which are much better. KFM still kept Awakened Searing Palm, but now it's faster to cast and Cyclone Kick and Tiger Strike do more damage during awakened searing palm debuff (cyclone does double damage). Also you can cast Cyclone without condition during awakened searing