4th blade and soul Beta test

I’m in my 4th Beta test and I’ve given up hoping that something is going to be done here prior to release regardless of how many posts/threads are made.

Yes I understand this is a Korean game and they rarely, if at all, have the customization options that we are used to in the West when it comes to keybinds. I did, though, hope that the localization process would mean more than just translating the game.

There is such a lack of customization options with keybinds that we all know this is going to be a turn-off for a new Western audience (even as a Master Pack owner it is for me. Massively).

1) The game has default keybinds using modifiers (shit/ctrl/alt) yet won’t allow you to rebind keys using said modifiers. WTF
2) Double tap (eg backstep) can’t be bound to a keypress (can live with, but still… WTF)
3) Cannot bind several keys on standard Western keyboard (`). Localization?

This is a game I enjoy. The flowing and reactive combat should be enhanced by freedom of how to set your keys.

There have been other posts. There have been other threads. Please take note. This is fundamental to a lot of people’s gaming experience and enjoyment.

For me is the only thing left done to make this game perfect.I have to use 3th party programs to do what this game should do itself,and I have to say is the first mmorpg that I play with this problem.Just take a look to another korean games like Aion,u can rebind almost everything modifiers included,Tera goes even beyond,you can rebind and use modifiers even in the mouse click buttons lie Shift+leftmousebutton etc.

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