bladeandsoulpot – Armored Warfare 0.14 Is Now Live

bladeandsoulpot - Armored Warfare 0.14 Is Now Live

Armored Warfare’s previously announced Update 0.14 is now live. The update introduces the new Replay system, allowing players to spectate pre-recorded matches from any view they want, including a free-cam mode. A new PvP map called Highwall has been added to the game’s increasing number of maps. Two new PvE missions called Operation Albatross and Operation Cerberus bring new co-operative challenges to the game. Various “elements of high-tier gameplay” are being changed based on feedback.

The update also introduces “WOLF Edition vehicles.” These vehicles are a set of four new premium vehicle additions. Each one features a wolf emblazoned upon it, a unique type of camouflage that cannot be obtained any other way. Additionally, to celebrate the addition, from March 25th to March 27th, players will receive 400% bonus reputation for their first victory each day.

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