bladeandsoulpot – Blade & Soul CN APR Update: New 4/6-man Automaton Research Lab

Automaton Research Lab Blade & Soul CN will be releasing new updates on 28th April 2016, with a new 4/6-man instance, Automaton Research Lab, new Soul, etc.

Automaton Research Lab

Interestingly, the new instance is not even released in BnS KR and the teaser image for Automaton Research Lab has just been released earlier this week at the official site.  Although BnS KR has just updated the test server on 14th April 2016, the new instance is not open yet.

The owner of the research facility is Jin Seoyeon. After her defeat, this mysterious lab has been forsaken.  However, the production of automatons and weapons are continued automatically, aiming to produce the ultimate weapon (likely referring to the humanoid automaton depicted in the teaser image). The protagonist  arrived at the lab to destroy this place, only to find that tough battles await.

Among the drop from the instance includes a new Soul core.

More information will be updated when the test server is up.

Costume & Weapon Skin

Various costumes and weapon skins are released along with the update.

weapon mods

flower themed weapon mod1



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