Blade & Soul CN: New Heaven S2.6 & Space Time S2.7 Weapon in June –

S2.7Blade & Soul Online CN will release new weapons in June, along with new map area, Sky Basin. The 2 new weapons released are Heaven (S2.6) 天空 and Space Time  (S2.7) 时空 weapons.


New Weapon Progression Path: S2.6 & S2.7

These 2 weapons are the continuation of S2.5 Comet/Meteor weapons, but are inferior to S2.8 Flare Demon and S3 Infinity weapon. They are introduced to bridge the vast gap between S2.5 and S2.8 weapon, allowing new players to catch up with the current game content.

The weapon evolve progression is as follows (click and zoom in):

  • Black Dragon S1 Lv10 can be evolved to S2.6 Lv1
  • Blessed S1 Lv10 can be evolved to S2.6 Lv2
  • After update, Black Dragon S1 Lv10 cannot evolved to Blessed S1 anymore
  • S2.5 weapon can be evolved into S2.6 weapon of various level, e.g. S2.5 Lv8 > S2.6 Lv12
  • S2.6 Lv12 can be evolved to S2.7 Lv1
  • S2.5 weapon at higher level can be evolved into S2.7 directly without going through S2.6, e.g. S2.5 Lv12 > S2.7 Lv8

An important feature on this new weapon progression path, in contrast to the old S2.5/S2.8 path:

  • Upgrading S2.6/S2.7 can fail, but it only consume gold and bound materials; the tradable materials are not consumed.
  • Higher success rate

Refer to 17173 for the models of these new weapons.


Existing Weapon Progression Path: S2.8, S3

The  existing higher tier weapon progression, namely S2.8, Azure Dragon and S3 weapon will not be associated with the new weapon path. However, they are claimed to be stronger than S2.7; furthermore, S2.8 Flare Demon and Azure Dragon can be evolved into new weapons in the future.

The strongest weapon in game for the past 2 years, S3 Infinity weapon will finally have subsequent progression in the near future.


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