bladeandsoulpot – Blade & Soul KR Update Aug: Soulburn & Awakened Skill Changes

warlock soulburn awaken skill Blade & Soul KR has released new updates on 3rd Aug 2016, with contents including a new 24-man raid (interestingly, this is a 2nd 24-man raid released this year after Vortex Temple). The name of the raid is google-translated as “Bastard’s Refuge” which sounds quite weird ( =.= will change it if anyone can give me a better translation for 서자의 안식처). Anyway, in the same day, the test server has been updated with various skill changes related to Warlock’s Soulburn and Awakened skills for other classes.

Take note of the distinction between official server and test server update content.

Instance Difficulty Adjustment (Official Server)

One of the notable changes in this update is the simplification for certain boss mechanics in instances.

Automaton Lab

  • All color buffs on party members are reset when the final boss uses “Fist of Destruction”
  • Blue buff: reduce the damage over time
  • Yellow buff: “inability to heal” effect is changed to “reduced healing” effect
  • Red buff: “instant death after 120 sec” effect is changed to “attack increase” effect
  • Color ball which is used to adjust color buff is removed
  • Lower 1st boss’s HP

Ebondrake Citadel Final Boss

  • Reduce the DOT damage from Demonic buff
  • Reduce the damage of AoE attack after the party invisibility is used
  • Reduce the damage received when Demonic buff expires
  • You don’t die instantly when you are attacked while weakened after Demonic buff expire; only sustain some damage from those attacks.
  • Demonic Prison (AoE suction skill) does not cause party wipe even when you fail to cc the boss; only inflict some damage to party members.


New Legendary Necklace (Official server)

A new legendary necklace (wind & shadow elemental) can be obtained from the new 24-man raid.

Lv10 effect: chance to trigger Dark Wind effect, which will inflict Weaken status on the target. Gain additional 500 crit damage when attacking Weaken target.


Skill Changes (Test Server 3rd Aug)

These skill changes are NOT final and subject to modification before being implemented on the official server.

Kungfu Master

Awakened Searing Palm (X): skill is deleted

Awakened Tiger Strike: new skill added

Awakened Cyclone Kick: new skill added



Awakened Wrath (LB)
– damage increase
– add effect: reduce the CD of Galeforce (F) by 2 sec on hit.


Blade Dancer

Sunder (RB)
– damage increase
– add effect: convert 10% of damage to HP
– Tier 2 Stage 3: the effect of “converting 10% of damage dealt on knockdown, dazed target to HP” is changed to “convert 5% of damage to HP”

Blade Echo (LB)
– add effect: convert 10% of damage to HP

Awakened Sunder (RB)
– damage increase
– add effect: convert 10% of damage to HP
– add effect: reduce the CD of Whirling Scourge (Z) by 1.5 sec.

Awakened Blade Echo (RB)
– damage increase
– add effect: convert 10% of damage to HP
– add effect: reduce the CD of Flaming Scourge (Z) by 1 sec.



Soulburn, Time Distortion (TAB)
– CD is changed to 1.5 min
– buff resist is changed to 1 min
[ somehow these Soulburn changes are not applied in the previous patch, but the developer seems to decide to give it a shot again =.= ]

Awakened Rupture: skill is deleted

Awakened Bombardment: new skill added


Awakened Dimensional Volley: new skill added


New Gonryun Weapon (Test Server)

The new series of weapons, Gonryun (Kun-Lun, code-named N2 in China) are updated in the test server.

Chokma (S2.8 in China) weapon can be evolved directly to the new weapons.

Lv7 Chokma > Lv1 Kun-Lun weapon
Lv8 Chokma > Lv2 Kun-Lun weapon
Lv9 Chokma > Lv3 Kun-Lun weapon

Note: The evolve path and level very likely differ from BnS CN ; i will not detail on this further. BNS CN is expected to get these N2 weapons in Aug as well. I will be covering the details on these weapons in CN version instead.


New PVP Soul Shield (Test Server)

A new PVP soul shield has been released in the test server as well; to be updated when the effect is finalized.


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