Blade & Soul KR Update Mar: Warlock, Soul Fighter, Blade Master Skill Changes –

warlock soul fighter Blade & Soul KR has implemented new skill changes to test server on 23rd mar 2016 for various classes, including warlock, soul fighter, blade master etc. It is expected that more changes will be applied in the subsequent weeks and this post will be updated again. These changes are not final and might be modified when the patch is applied to official server.

Blade Master

Raid (2)
– Tier 2 Stage 1: increase Focus recovery and CD.

Dragontongue (RB)
– reduce the additional damage on Blade Stormed target.
– can be used without CD on Blade Stormed target


Kung Fu Master

Emit Frost (3)
– CD is changed to 90sec


Force Master

Divine Veil (C)
– enemies cannot parry/counter your attack



Repulse (F)
– Repulse Tier 3 Stage 3 can be used during Quell (1)
– Tier 3 Stage 3: CD is changed to 24sec
– Upon successful block with Quell, Repulse Tier 3 Stage 4 can be used.
– Tier 3 Stage 3/4: add effect – Dragoncall (4) and Wingstorm (V) can be cast instantly.

Bombardment (RB)
– Tier 3 Stage 1: add effect – reduce Focus consumption by 1 when attacking knockdown, stunned, dazed, floated target.

Onrush (Q)
– Tier 2 Stage 2: add effect – reduce CD by 6 sec on hit

Fall In (E)
– Tier 1 Stage 1: increase movement speed by 30% for 3sec
– Tier 2 Stage 1: Familiar is immune to damage and status effect
– Tier 2 Stage 2: dispel Immobile status and increase movement speed by 60% for 3sec; CD is changed to 9 sec


Soul Fighter

Elbow Smash (1)
– add effect: Parry piercing

Frost Nova (3)
– Stage 2 training is moved to Stage 3
– new skill training is added to Stage 2

Leg Sweep (4)
– the shared CD is synchronized with Dragon Strike (4)



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