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arch heretic A new spin-off class for Cleric has been revealed recently in Dragon Nest Conference of Japan and China: Arch Heretic, the dark version of cleric. Similar to Dark Avenger, Arch Heretic belongs to the dark side of the spin-off classes.

The official introduction for Arch Heretic is as follows:

  • a heretic who has a different faith (from cleric)
  • wield an extendable whip sword (and a shield, as seen from video)
  • mid-range combat with melee weapons
  • high mobility, action combat with charging and evasion

arch heretic

The skill names have been found in the client of Dragon Nest CN v263:

Hand of the Devil
Barbaric Attacks
Death’s Door
Soul Eater
Barbaric Soul
Painful Harvesting
Devil Erosion
Corrupted Earth
Shield Smash
Flood of Suffering
Chaos Shield
Guilty Strike
Wraith Invasion
Fatal Explosion Strike
[Nightmare] Persecution
[Nightmare] Hand of the Devil
[Nightmare] Massacre
[Nightmare] Barbaric Attacks
[Nightmare] Flood of Suffering
[Nightmare] Guilty Strike
Pagan Bishop
Quick Charge
Soul Blade

The skill description based on DN CN client v265 (without matching skill names)

  • enhance your dark elemental attack and final damage with the soul of the dead. Within the duration (of the buff), recover HP each time you attack an enemy.
    Convert x% of the damage to HP, up to a max of x HP.
    After casting, press Normal Attack to cast it again; the effect can be stacked up to x times.
  • Swing your weapon horizontally and sweep it upwards to send your target airborne. Generate x [Nightmare Power] on hit.
  • Jump up while swinging your weapon, before plunging towards the ground and summoning a huge claw of darkness.
    Reduce dark elemental resist of enemies.
  • Attack frontal enemies by swinging your weapons on the spot.  Hold Normal Attack to attack continuously, but each additional attack consumes x [Nightmare Power].
    The 1st hit generates x [Nightmare Power]
  • Temporarily switch to “Attack Designation Mode” to summon dark lightning on specific locations, which can be controlled by mouse movement. Press normal attack to summon up to 3 dark lightning on the specified locations.
  • Swing your weapon furiously to create X-shaped fissure on the ground. Lava gushes from the fissure and deal damage to enemies. The movement speed of enemies within the AoE is reduced.
  • Absorb the soul of surrounding enemies, dealing damage and recovery own HP.
  • Gather dark energy to increase own dark elemental attack. Press normal attack to cast Painful Harvesting continuously.
  • Sacrifice own HP to generate x [Nightmare Power]. When your HP is below x%, casting it will not cause you to die.
  • Increase STR based on the number of [Nightmare Power]
  • Generate Corrupted Zone on the ground. Enemies within the AoE receive continuous damage. You can cast skills which required [Nightmare Power] without consuming [Nightmare Power] when you are within the zone.
  • Throw your shield while you are airborne by pressing Special attack. After that, jump backward and land. High chance to inflict Stun.
  • Throw your shield forward. The shield flies forward and then spin at a fixed location, sucking nearby enemies towards it.
  • Press normal attack while dashing or charging to spin 1 round and swing your weapon. No CD.
  • Press normal attack when you are being attack to counter.
  • Charge forward while swinging your weapon to damage enemies. When casting certain skill on the ground, press Jump to cancel that skill and activate this skill.
  • Jump up, summon Dark Spears from dimension gate, and hurl them towards the ground. The 1st 4 hits can be charge up for increased damage. Press normal attack to hurl the Dark Spears quickly without charging. After the 1st 4 hits, summon multiple dimension gates and launch a barrage of dark spears.


  • [Enhanced] Attack AoE:  extend the reach of your weapon. Inflict “Bleeding” status on enemies.
    Bleeding: deal x% physical damage every x sec
  • [Enhanced] Hand of Darkness: the Hand of Darkness rises up to 3 times; skill damage increase x%
  • [Enhanced] Attack AoE: extend the reach of your weapon. Able to attack enemies in larger area.
  • [Enhanced] Attack hit: can attack up to 5 times. Summon a huge sword from the ground, instead of the dark lightning.
  • [Enhanced] Attack: the duration of lava gushing from fissure is extended. Skill damage is increased.
  • [Enhanced] Attack & Action Speed: extend the reach of your weapon. Able to attack enemies in larger area. Increase action speed by x%.
  • [Enhanced] Attack & Movement Speed: extend the reach of your weapon. Able to attack enemies in larger area and move further.


  • [Nightmare Skill] increase movement speed and charge forward. Swing your weapon while running to deal damage to enemies. Press Up arrow key to charge continuously, each additional attack consume x [Nightmare Power].
    The 1st hit generates x [Nightmare Power].

Skill description and details of the class will be updated in the future on this post.


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