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Level 93 Prof K nest Dragon Nest KR releases new updates on 6th July 2016, including Level 93 Prof K Nest Extension, artillery & sniper skill changes etc.

Prof K Nest Extension (Normal)

Level: Level 93
Party size: 1 -4 players
Entry ticket: None
Weekly clear count : 3
Revive count: Unlimited


Skill Changes


– the AoE can be seen after casting; the target location can be changed with mouse
– casting speed increase.

Cyclone Harpoon
– hit count is doubled (PVE, PVP)

Magical Breeze
– final damage buff increase (PVE 35% , PVP 27%)
– skill heraldry final damage boost is decreased (C-rank 1.25%, B-rank 2.5%, A-rank 5%)


Siege Stance
– piercing effect applies to normal attakc (PVE, PVP)

Wind Shot 
– the initial AoE of Wind Shot is increased (PVE, PVP)

That’s all for skill changes.


Ladder Stats Changes

The stats conversion from gear is changed:
– attack decrease
– defence increase
– max HP increase



  • changes to Ladder PVP system
  • increase enhancement level for Lv93 Dragon Jade to Level 10 (requires materials from Lv93 Prof K Nest for Lv8 above)
  • engraving system added; grant additional stats to costume
  • ice dragon nest practice mode
  • L-grade ice dragon weapon and L-grade inverse scale can be placed in server storage.


DN KR Update Note

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