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throne of elvesThrone of Elves (精灵王座) is expected to be released in Summer 2016 soon. However,  Shanda Games, the owner of Dragon Nest IP and distributor of Dragon Nest Online in China, has announced that the movie Throne of Elves is no longer associated with Dragon Nest anymore.

The statement is released by Shanda Games on 24th Feb 2016:

  1. Mili Pictures (producer for Throne of Elves) no longer has the legal rights to use any game materials, content and production of Dragon Nest game.
  2. The movie “Dragon Nest: Throne of Elves” which was reported earlier by the media is no longer related to Dragon Nest IP, due to expiration of contract. The producer is not allowed to use the name of the game “Dragon Nest” in the promotion and production of the movie.
  3. Shanda Games will continue to expand Dragon Nest IP, with new sequel to the first Dragon Nest Movie. Shanda Games warmly welcomes any interested parties for collaborations in the expansion of Dragon Nest IP.
  4. Dragon Nest IP is solely owned by Shanda Games. Any IP infringement will be investigated for legal responsibility.

Shanda Games spokesman has clearly stated that Mili Pictures and its production “Throne of Elves” are no longer associated with Dragon Nest anymore. Furthermore, Shanda Games is currently seeking new partners for the production of sequel to the first Dragon Nest movie.

The contract between Shanda Games and Mili Pictures expired on August 2015. Both Shanda Games and Mili Pictures did not give any official statement regarding the reason behind the termination of collaboration between the two parties.

Up to July 2015, Shanda Games has been actively promoting Throne of Elves as part of the Dragon Nest IP, announcing it as the sequel to the 1st movie, Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn. “Dragon Nest” was clearly printed on the previous posters and appeared in the trailer of the movie.

dragon movie 2

However, upon checking the official site of Mili Pictures now, the word “Dragon Nest” is clearly missing from the 2 latest posters of the movie.

throne of elves

The director of Throne of Elves 宋岳峰 has recently mentioned in an interview, that  the movie will narrate a new story with new characters and background. Shanda Games has also verified that Throne of Elves is a movie independent of Dragon Nest. However, due to the previous promotion as a Dragon Nest movie, viewers might still have the impression that Throne of Elves is a sequel to the first movie.

Interestingly, the introductory text for Throne of Elves at Mili Pictures still refers the hero and heroine of the movie as Little Fish (nickname of Lambert) and Liya respectively.

” Human juvenile Little Fish was invited to the distant and mysterious elf kingdom to participate in the elf queen’s wedding.Taking this opportunity, he could finally meet his elf girl friend Liya.

But the dark elves broke into the romantic wedding with army, forcing the queen to hand over the Jade ,which was powerful and controlled the elves’ lifeblood. After being met with resistance, the dark elves held the queen as hostage.

The whole elf kingdom fell into a panic.In order to protect Liya, Little Fish resolutely joined the elves, and together, they started the adventure of queen rescuing. It was not just a journey full of danger, unexpectedly to Little Fish, it was also a tremendous test to himself and to the love between Liya and him.”

Will Throne of Elves do well without the Dragon Nest IP?

Will you watch the movie if it is not related to Dragon Nest at all?

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