Total War Battles: KINGDOM Officially Launches –

Total War Battles: KINGDOM Officially Launches -

After almost a year in Beta, Total War Battles: KINGDOM has officially launched. Taking place “during the tumultuous turn of the 10th century,” the game features the hex-based gameplay of the Total War Battles spin-off series mixed with the tactical battles of the core Total War series in an MMO setting.

Like many other MMORTS games, Total War Battles: KINGDOM tasks players with creating a thriving, ever-expanding kingdom. They will be tasked with creating and growing their kingdom by taking control of various territories in a persistent world. They will simultaneously grow an army that they can pit against AI or other players.

The game’s Game Director, Renaud Charpentier, had the following to say about the release.

While there are great casual games on mobile, with Kingdom we wanted to make a much deeper strategy game, but one you can still play at your pace and on the go. KINGDOM is a true Total War game: strategic, historical, great looking but also designed from the ground up for your phone and tablet.

Total War Battles: KINGDOM can be downloaded now from Steam, the App Store, and Google Play.

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