A few blade and soul sugestions

So I’ll just get right to it.
1. Dark Pirate Weapons, as far as I can tell so far, there are 3 ways to get it, killing Mysterious Man, Pirate Coins and Nightshade Loot Wheel.
1a. I’ve killed MM about 40 times this week and yet to even see a dark weapon box drop.
1b. You can only get about 2 coins per day from 24 man and if your really lucky you will get one from bsh4 rewards at the end.
1c. I used up just over 300 Nightshade on the loot wheel, got over 200 potions, 90 blue shields, 4 purple shields and I actually got 1 Dark pirate weapon box.
Note on 1c. Turns out you can’t use a moonwater key on the box, it’s just a loot box you open, so you only have a slight chance to get the weapon you need.
So all 3 options are just one big giant kick in the teeth, would either take a week of farming dailies or living hell for the next year farming shade or the 24man boss.

Please either raise the drop rate on 24 man, add it to 6/4 man bsh, or fix the loot wheel RNG as it’s just trash 24/7.

2. I love Warlock, it’s everything I want in a class on this game, the only issue I have with it, is the Thrall.
So, 2 things get me with this awesome looking, but moronic beast.
a. You have to be within a certain range of the thrall to use Q and E.
b. If your in range, but your behind a wall or just through a door, you can’t use Q and E.
So while your fighting groups of mobs and running about, your thrall gets left behind as fooder for the grim reaper taking the souls of those you just killed.

It would be much more useful if the Thrall actually followed the summoner or we had a move that way you stupid animal button, so we could postition him to make use of Q and E.

3. Factions Balance, I think perhaps you should change when joining a faction is locked, it seems to high, for example:
Right now crimson legion is completely full and cover just about every ch on our server, we can’t join them and the out number us at least 4 to 1.

If you had a limit for say, if faction A is twice the size of faction B, then Faction A locked until Faction B is equal and then re open it, locks wouldn’t last long as lots would switch, even if it was just botters, hint hint ban them quicker please 🙂

4. Some hit boxes on enemy skills are so badly drawn is unbelieveable, it may be due to a bit of lag occasionally, but most of the time it’s clearly wrong, for example.
I was roughly 4 fat gon bums away from a big red circle, yet it still hit me, has happened lots of times.

So just have a look and see where the devs have gone wrong on that thanks 🙂

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