A petition to change the gathering system

Ide like to start a petition to change the unfair system of gathering where only those who have the lower ping get to enjoy the rich quartz veins.
The offer is to make an alternative systems in order to make the competition fair or an individual system that will remove competition on resources from the open world and will make it completly self dependent on the individual player.

Option #1 – make it that any vein will spawn randomly across all the map and wont show on the side map or world map any longer. in order to find it you must be in a radius of 20 meters from the vein in order to have an indication on the map. that way bots or players with low ping wont be able to camp the spots and use the advantage of knowing the spawn times and any one who wants to get quartz for a use of crafting or profit on the market will have a fair chance.

Option #2 – make the veins visible but individual to every player. there will be no rich veins tho sinse there will be no point going and gathering the lower tier veins. once you gather the vein its gone for the rest of the day (optional) or it will have a time period of a number of hours till the next spawn. this way the gathering guilds will have a meaning and wont make others feel like the system is rigged caz some players have better ping so they make more profit. also the need for pickaxes will grow and the need for resources too caz the amount on the market will be defined buy how much you can gather vs how much you need to use in orther to craft. bottom line it doesnt impact the market and brings more options to make gold in game.

So if you feel like this issue can change the way we play this game in a good way leave a comment below and what is your prefferd change. if you dont at least explain why and dont make it sound like you support bots.

An option but i dont think if all the players will mind giving their openion they will ignore it this much… if you look at gw2 for example its a f2p now with abit of limited new content for only those who pay for it. other then that if we act like they dont care they will have no reason too…

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