Any chance of Blade And Soul dungeon improvements?

The first week of bloodshade harbor in particular seemed troublesome since everyone was new and so I kept joining failed parties. The following week or so people managed to get the hand of it so the experience seems better. Now people from my experience seem back to leaving dungeons unfinished due to random reasons, quitting at the slightest hiccup if it isn’t a faceroll and other reasons. While I recommend that players don’t quit so easy so that the experience is better as a whole (personally I don’t like joining too many unfinished parties or having people quit easily, even after finishing a boss quite easily) there could maybe be things to improve the experience such as:

1) New members join the dungeon at the latest spawn point. No-one like running for several minutes in a long dungeon.

2) The daily counts towards finishing the last boss or at least the majority of them. Some people are mainly here for the dailies. It wastes their time to do a dungeon only for them have to do it again anyway. This leaves unfinished parties continually recruiting new members making it harder to both get a parties to finish the dungeon and find unstarted dungeons in some circumstances.

3) Less of an issue, some people start the boss at ridiculously inconvenient times so that a party member dies in the fire without warning. There’s been suggestions about a door or delay the fire spawn time. Maybe also make sure that the fire doesn’t decrease durability.

4) Some people openly leech dungeons. There really should be a vote kick option for those people, or potentially not allow them to a share of the rewards if they don’t damage the boss. Potentially people could purposefully lock other members out to run through trash quicker but claim the rewards for themselves though. Preferably vote kicking should be disabled to those in a boss fight and until after loot rolls are over.

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