Arena ms too high on Blade And Soul EU server

Today I decided to go into the Arena with my level 45 FM on the Yusung server (EU). I was going to do a few sparrings before I get into the real matches and only after my first sparring I knew that it wouldn’t work…
Many of my skills didn’t go off at all and it was really hard to even do something useful. I checked my ms and found out that it was way too high to play Arena/PvP.

I did some tests to check both NA and EU delays:

::: EU :::
Normal: 60-120ms
Arena: 250-270ms
Character Info: 5-∞ sec
Marketplace: 1-3 sec

::: NA :::
Normal: 180-250ms
Arena: 370~ms
Character Info: 1-3 sec
Marketplace: 1-3 sec

I’m using Access key to play in the CBT and was thinking about buying a founder’s pack. I was really looking forward to this game and the Arena PvP but with this problem which will prevent me from doing PvP, I will probably not buy the founder’s pack at all since the game will only offer me the PvE at current state.

I will try WTFast later and see if it does anything and I’ll come back to update this post.

Just tested a PvP match with WTFast and it was much better. If the ping shown is correct then I should now have 66-68ms which is okey.

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