Blade and Soul 1.0 Bladeshade Harbor Full Dungeon

Just played the game. Fighting mobs sux cuz it doesnt matter if you are moving to the side of the mob to avoid his attack, you will get hit! Unlike tera,vindictus,dragon nest..etc where if you dodge to the side u can actually avoid damage, in this game if you are in the range of the mob’s attack,for example when the mob start the attack and you move a little bit to the side or move back a bit, there is no way you can avoid it by moving, you have to block it! (although if you move far enough you wont get hit, but that doest give much time for meelee chars to move away since combat movespeed is greatly reduced when in combat) which is why each class has some sort of blocking skills that are given to them, with the KFM having the best one (1 sec cooldown lol!).

That said, the gameplay and graphics was absolutely top notch. This has been released long time ago (still not in america or NA tho) but it still gives me a ton of fun doing combos and just running around admiring the scenery is enough to keep me playing. Oh and they have really good cutscenes as well, i hope american version don’t fuck up the voice acting if they ever get it.

Well it looks like they’re basing the rest of the versions off of the Chinese one, which is free-2-play. Although this is happening, I doubt we won’t see it for awhile since they’re focusing on like 3-4 other regions before North America.

My enthusiasm for this game just got halved when i learnt this game uses a weapon upgrade system urgh. Are the necessary materials farmable or are they gonna be a cash cow like Dragonnest’s “jelly”.

I have the game downloaded and installed. Plus updated.. But everytime i try and login… it keeps telling me i need to sign up when im already signed up.. Can anyone tell me what to do ? i really dont know what to do.. made like 3 accounts already at the main website. still doesnt work.

I’m kinda confused. Do you play on the Atomix Private Server or the actual direct KR sever and then chat with friends on like Skype and stuff who do the same thing? If so, could you provide me with the link to the KR site or whatever server you’re using? I’d love to run through a dungeon with you and some others once I reach your level, or the level cap of the game. Think it’d be great fun. Thanks for the reply, if I get one that is.

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