Blade And Soul Beta is Racist

Blade and Soul, the latest MMORPG out of Korea, is hosting a closed beta as of November 13, and it’s incorporating cat pals to entice more players. Tester players of Blade and Soul have called the game adorable and it’s characters beautiful. Though female characters look a tad over-sexualized, would-be players should be enticed by the new game.

Blade and Soul Introduces Familiars

Familiars are the main characters’ companions, and they follow the main characters, called summoners, everywhere they go. They can transfer health from foes to themselves. This doesn’t make the game any easier, as developers declared that mastering summoner characters is quite the challenge because of their wide range of tactics and abilities.

Other Classes in Blade and Soul

Other classes that come in the latest Blade and Soul are: blade master, destroyer, force master, kung fu master, assassin, and blade dancer. This game will feature four different races: the Gon, jin, Yun and Lyn, who are characterized by animal-like ears.

The first beta of Blade and Soul happened during the weekend of Halloween, and the second closed beta begins on November 13 through November 16. Players can purchase the Founder’s Pack to pre-prder the game, and people who sign up for this can play in every beta weekend leading u to release. Blade and Soul is set to release for PC sometime in 2016.

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