Blade And Soul Closed Beta 4 Thoughts

Not too many thoughts this time either, life got in the way again not all of it bad but I still didn’t get to play much.

I got onto my KFM again, first time since I started leveling the Destroyer, at level 25 KFM is hard without practice. In fact I’m pretty sure the KFM is hard in general. I think if I start it out and keep going I’d be better at it, but going from something so easy as a Destroyer to a KFM is kind of like playing Star Craft 2 on Normal and thinking it would be a great idea to try it on Brutal. Yeah… not easy. I still like KFM but there are a lot of moves and stuff to keep it alive that I didn’t quite remember at the time.

I took my KFM to the Cinderlands and finally got to hear the new Soha…yeah not bad, they need to fix the dialog text so it matches the new lines, but in all honesty I miss the Southern Accent, I never had a problem with it to begin with, and I always thought it added to the character. People who play on the EU servers probably wouldn’t appreciate it and those guys who played on the TW or JP servers won’t be happy with English translations no matter what so no helping that.

On the topic of the seasoned players we really should come up with a term for them. As an fan of Japanese Anime, if you haven’t noticed from the fact I use Otaku in my handle, I really dislike the term Weeaboo, its a term from a Perri Bible Fellowship comic and has nothing to do with anime or fandoms in general, but the new definition is about someone who really wishes they were Japanese and curses their fate for not being born in Japan… sorry guys but I like Anime and J-RPG’s, but not that much. But all over this forum I keep seeing people seasoned from the Korean, Chinese and Japanese servers bitching and moaning like no tomorrow about every little thing from the Story, the Side Quests, the Voice Actors and even the more Overly Provocative oufits ( or possible lack there of in the western releases) and a bunch of them even say they’ll keep playing by connecting across the planet just to have it “their way”. Sorry but when I read “They changed Mushin’s name, Mushin is his title, his name is X” or “They changed this side quest, this guy is supposed to be a peeping tom.” It all comes off as Hipster Trash talk to me. So I think a term for these Blade Hipsters should be used to identify the elitists among us.

All in all I still think this game is fun, I’ll be playing either a Destroyer or KFM when the game goes live, I’ll probably try out the Warlock if it gets released the beta or when it goes live. Otherwise I don’t I’ll be able to play this like I played WoW, where I leveled an alt for Crafting and Gathering, I think I’ll have to stick with one guy and get good at it and maybe play an alt for shits and giggles.

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