Blade and Soul Devs thought they were cleaver with auto afk kick feature

The auto-afk kick feature doesn’t target spammers because keys are being pressed, or the key values are being sent from the client to the server which prevents the auto kick. The auto kick may of worked on bots that auto craft but any botter can easily avoid the auto kick by pressing a button to avoid being kicked; You can easily avoid being kicked to with the use of a auto-click program. Just set the program to left click once every 15 mins and when you wake up, surprise, your character is still logged in! Best yet, Devs can’t legally do anything about it because using a program to keep your character logged isn’t against the terms of agreement!

With that said, Blade and Soul gold farmers heavily rely on being logged in because the craft timers are extremely long and crafting efficiently requires them not to be stuck in infinite queue. This is the big problem right here; crafting bots take up the rest of the space on the server.

I would also like to point out that the 10 marketplace limit for free players does absolutely nothing against Blade & Soul gold farmers, it may incentivize free players to get premium but it is also a double edge sword, with the blade part already killing the players. This is because in order to get around the 10 market transactions a day imposed on free accounts, Blade and Soul gold farmers simply have to create more bots, which they can easily do and these bots need to stay online because the queue to get back online is longer than 24 hours, plus they are still crafting. You may think that moving onto a new server will reduce the queue time, this is true for the time being but the majority of bots in these servers are idle because they don’t have to be logged on. The new servers will start to populate which means demand, and then the bots will need to stay logged on because of they are needed to craft and they are needed to do market transactions.

Lastly, the time left on the queue timers is largely false, most of the time is just players leaving the queue or crashing. Most players know by now some method of keeping their character(s) logged on.

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