Blade And Soul DUNGEONS?

This just struck me as I was doing dailies. Dungeons in this game are absolutely terrible.
I have played many MMO’s in the past with the last one being TERA. In all of my time spent playing MMO games, I have never experienced such lackluster dungeon experiences. Dungeons in BnS just feel all the same, messy and very boring.

1. Pull and clear trash mobs that are in the passage leading to the boss room.
2. Button mash the hell out of the boss.

Yes I know, you need to counter the bosses, do a little side tasks such as breaking the orbs, etc. So smart button mashing with side tasks that just feel forced.

Of all the MMO’s, TERA had the best dungeons. For example MCHM and CoF. Both very fun and exciting PvE content that didn’t get boring no matter how many times you farmed it.

A guy ingame told me one of the better dungeons in BnS was Tomb of the Exile. If that really is the best BnS has to offer, I’m not looking forward to the PvE of this game.

Will we get ANY decent real dungeons with the upcoming patches in the future or is this just the limit of BnS for PvE content?

No I’m not gonna go play TERA or other MMO’s. No, I’m not gonna quit BnS. BnS fanboys please don’t get your panties all twisted up and get defensive for no reason.

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