Blade And Soul Feature Wishlist

This post is about what I would like to see from the game.

I would like to see optimisation and to see bots gone from the game but I am aware NcSoft is working on this so I’d like to keep this thread away from those topics entirely.

Game Features:
Allow us to run while in combat, not being able to do this breaks the immersion of the game itself. It will also prevent these “stuck in combat” situations in dungeons.
Like the Yeti, please place Windstride portals to get to the final dungeon boss when the dungeon has been cleared. Having to run all the way in BSH for example if you disconnect is a right pain in the ass.

More vault tabs, please. I have opened all of my tabs and all of the areas which are able to be opened and I still find there isn’t enough space.

Soulshield part of inventory. Allow us to keep ALL soulsheild pieces here. I’d like to keep them all, but am unable to.

Allow ALL items to be stackable in inventory. Have 2 pairs of Kaari goggles? They are on top of each other and don’t take up 2 slots!

Trade chat. We have chat channels for almost everything, a chat channel specific for trading and selling would be very nice.

Custom chat channels where we can invite friends by telling them the name and password would also be nice. (I’m aware we can make custom tabs for specific chats)
Ear and tail size slider and colour picker for Lyns. (Allow us to choose ears and tails separately)

Clan Features:
-A clan vault which allows us to share things between each other. Any item can be placed here, blue, purple, green.
-A list where we can see what people have donated along with the times.
-Clan Housing: A place we can go and hang out
-Specific member rank permissions. (Give a specific member in the clan a specific rank permission).
-Rank name change. (Changing the name of ranks)

Premium Benefits:
-Increased Stamina for different ranks of premium membership
-More discounts
-5 spins, not 3 on the wheel that goes around constantly.

Hongmoon Store:
Add in more outfits and accessories for a larger amount of time. There are lots of nice outfits in the other versions of the game, so why not increase your profit margin and add in more currently? You removed around 5 outfits, why not replace them?
More weapon skins please.

Walking animation effects (Allow us to buy different character walking and running animations)

Emotes – Buy-able emotes would also be a nice little niche feature. Wouldn’t mind some more dances added.. or be able to dance like a Gon on my lyn 😀
Windwalking effects – make some different ones purchasable.
Wings (Other versions have available)

Pets (Other versions have available, have special vanity like pets, not ones that give amazing stats or that’ll be like p2w).

Mounts. Due to the current windwalking cooldown we have having mounts would be really nice. You could use a lot of in-game models as-well such as bosses etc. (If you add pets, wings, mounts allow them to have their own space in the Wardrobe for premium users)

Housing. Player owned housing would be a nice feature, if it makes it into the game you could sell furniture and nice housing models in the cash shop.

Unlimited use service tickets. You have a character alteration ticket in the shop which is priced at 1,000 ncoin. I believe you should sell a character alteration ticket which has unlimited usages for alot more money so if someone knows they change their character often they can just buy this ticket. I for sure would.

Signature packs. On China they sell packs which have multiple outfits etc. in a bundle, like a custom bundle if you will. Do something like this here. Add a costume and some soups and things to a bundle with a bit of discount.

Packs of 50 Dragontrade pouches. I believe you should sell a custom or a pack of 50 dragon trade pouches. Custom would be nice and depending on how many you buy so many gets knocked off the price.

Vanity package. Allow us to buy more hairstyles and face options in their own package. Guildwars 2 did something like this, so why not BnS?

Server transfer tickets. One to allow us to transfer around 10+ characters within a specific clan would also be very nice. I’d pay for that.

Large outfit bundles. China does this, so why doesn’t NcWest add 11 outfits to a bundle and knock the price of one outfit off?

Key bundles. Allow us to buy bundles of keys at a discounted price.
RNG boxes (WITHOUT OUTFITS AND VANITY’S WITHIN IT) I’d honestly buy RNG boxes if outfits weren’t the prime objective of buying them. Some nice in-game items would be what I’d be willing to pay for.

Sell megaphones. To shout in region chat you need a megaphone. You do not sell these, despite the fact the feature asks to use them. Please put them in the store.

What I’d like to see from staff:
Some Q&A’s on the forum where things are answered on the forum. I feel the streams do not give out specific enough answers as they cannot be researched while they are live on stage. Many things have been said in streams which have been incorrect.
More updates on what is being worked on, looked into etc.
More merging of forum threads.
Topic of the week (where we specifically talk about one topic in a sticky thread so the staff can get feedback on the specific topic they have asked the community about.

I will continue to update this thread, along with crossing out what makes it into the game.
Feel free to add your ideas and feedback below.

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