Blade And Soul First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

My bad guys, lots of people told me to play the Russian version because It’s easy to set up, no one told me how out of date/not supported byt NCSoft it was, I’ll try the Western BETA and see the difference when It’s out, Sorry.

Can I just say that I love your impressions/reviews of MMOs? I have always hated game review channels; yours is literally the first one I’ve ever liked. I even watch your impressions videos for games I will never play, just because these are so enjoyable.

well you see its better then most sht on tv it actually has character growth hard to say for most shows and before you think im immature i have a job and i dont buy the merchandise i simply watch the show and only here and there when i feel like chilling and the way lauren faust designed it was similiar to the way disney designs their shows thus making it suitible for all ages and in conclusion how did you know that my internet age is actually my true age?

Couldn’t agree more. Game feels great at start, combat system of most classes are great (i’ve tried them all over and over to choose my favorite one), but with time with gets boring, specially when you get to the crafting area. Things get WAY too repetitive and i just kept playing cause i was in denial. Finally unisntalled.

I think you should retry Blade and Soul on the official servers. NCSoft has fixed issues and added new classes, more content, and increased the level cap. I think if you give it a chance, you may enjoy it more.

I have a level 28 Destroyer. That class is the only reason I gave this MMO a shot and fuck if it isn’t getting boring fast! I literally do 2 things. Right Click/Stun and Grab. It’s so boring! It’s not as if I’m a tank class either. BM and KFM are tankier than a Destroyer which is crazy, but w/e. I think I’ve about had it with this game.

I understand that this video is outdated and it has been realized, but I’ll just but it out there for anyone wondering. The server does have a holy trinity esc to it. There are healing classes and tanking. The thing is, everyone can fit every role but only one role. If I had to compare it to something it would be teras warrior. You dont literally switch from tank to attack stance, but instead you use abilities fitting your role more. For example, a blade master can go tank by speccing his abilities toward blocking. Or he can go damage by speccing damage stuff. It’s tough to explain but roles ARE a necessity in any dungeon or pve group. If everyone just goes damage you’ll fail.

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