Blade and Soul Gameplay | Can This Guy Even Die

Word of advice unless you are well above the dungeon level or know your class really really well anything with a purple door needs 6 people.. unless you get someone incredibly high then you only need them. F8 is your best bet for clearing that dungeon unless you get it on a day it’s part of the daily challange then you’ll get HM 10’s running it but they will leave you in the dust with every mob cause they will just jump or stealth through.

Welcome to NA.. that is one reason I play Taiwan other then it’s farther along in the story line and easier to get items. The ping despite me being east coast is ten time better then being only a few states over in NA.

you tried to do the Epic lvl 20 dungeon. That’s meant for a 5 player party. Give it another try through the dungeon lobby. The only thing that kinda sucks is you’ll probably get a couple high lvl players running it for the daily and all you’ll do is trying to keep up with them as they advance while killing everything faster than you can run. Fun video though.

Outstanding voice acting. I really felt like I was there, getting my butt kicked too! If it makes you feel any better, I tried to solo that. (My previous game had a “solo” option for every dungeon which would give you a weakened version of the team dungeon and I thought that I was doing a solo version of this.) Would have been nice to have had Dochun for the entire dungeon.

As has already been said, if you are doing any dungeons within your normal level range, they need a team. Especially if they are graded as very hard, Epic, purple. I had a friend run me through this dungeon when he was L45-when that was the level cap-but generally, this takes more than 2, especially when both of you have low enough HP such that you can be easily one-hit by the Bosses, AND the Bosses have annoyingly endless masses of minions.

Another thing, I am not sure if others have mentioned, that is NOT the Final Boss. He’s like number 3. So, even if you kill him as a duo, the next stages are even harder. Players who have done this solo or in duet within the normal level at which you get this quest are the exception. The rest who have done this dungeon as a solo or duo are so far above the level required to enter, probably bored L50s, that their input is useless to you. Good luck but definitely try to find a few more helpers/players.

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