Blade And Soul is business and related to money

Whether offensive or not, this topic has been discussed hundred times in this forum. Hope to use search function before discussing about some “popular” topics.

And as you said, you can hit lv 45 so fast with quest, or hunt. But if you read those stories carefully and understand skill combo system, the fast leveling is necessary for this game.

1. If your leveling is too slow and get used to “early level skills” only, it makes you more difficult to utilize new skills when you just learn it, while it is important to take advantage of new skills.

2. What you are saying is “not grinding much” but slow leveling. That means you need “more contents” throughout the quest up to lv 45. But see how big the world has become already. And think about that how useless those maps would be if too many low level contents and dungeons are in the future. Believe it or not, gamers always complain about “lack of high level contents” , but not the low level ones. Putting more contents on low levels would just make more unnecessary junks that induces worse game performance.
(It also makes a game “much slower” to be published. Blade And Soul is business and related to money)

3. This is Closed Beta test, of course 45 lv is not real max level. And the “slow leveling” you wanted will come true when you hit lv 50. It may take a year of hunting to reach to real max level they made. The difficulty you wanted should be up there, not at low levels. (If it’s more difficult in low levels, many gamers would just leave even before getting high level.)

3-b. Nowadays, the trend of games are not focused on “levels” but their controls and items. The real level behind should be their control skills, but not the countable numbers.

To many people giving wrong information on this forum, seems new players play a beta or two and think they know all there is to know about this game.

End game is NOT only faction pvp or pvp at all, in fact on other regions with the 50 patch there is more PVE than PVP content by quite a way.
And trust me as a player of multiple regions over several years, this game gets quite grindy later on, you will need to grind a shit ton of mats for your weapon and accessory upgrades, especially in the level 50 patch and onward.

Yes obviously we will have less content than other regions at release, but even so we will have Poh 24 man open instance, plus 6 and 4 man versions on top of what we have now in the beta.
As stated on the main site they plan to release new content patches at a fairly rapid rate which is exactly what they did with some of the other regions, so it won’t be long before there is even more content.

The game does a great job at introducing people to tougher content at a very gradual pace, giving players a chance to learn their class as they go before facing tougher opponents later on.
The difficulty curve becomes a lot higher at end game especially, and even more so in later content patches.

I love action based combat too (harder the better) and this is the first MMO to hold my interest long term in years, still playing TW version daily and CN versions weekly (as I have friends there) even though I’ll be playing EU version come head start. If end game didn’t have some significantly difficult content I wouldn’t have lasted a month in this game, let alone the several years I’ve been playing on a daily basis now.

So yeah I wouldn’t worry, it’s just because you are still early on in the game, that and the fact they have provided us with mats to easily max out our gear earlier than normal (so we can concentrate on testing instead of grinding) this also means you can kill stuff faster than we normally would otherwise, as our gear is maxed earlier.

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