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You may haven’t heard of Onmyoji, the mobile game from NetEase Games, but you should keep an eye on this game now if you play mobile games for the game will be launching in Japan and in the west in the future. In Chinese market the game has hit the “Top Grossing” chart shortly after it was available on iOS in early September. The anime style mobile game reached one million daily active players milestone on September 9. What’s more, Onmyoji occupied the game section in all major social network platforms in China.

The game has surpassed over 10 million downloads in China in less than a month

At its core, Onmyoji is a turn-based mobile RPG with card collecting and card battle elements. There are many games of this genre so why Onmyoji can stand out?

Traditional Japanese style of art

The visual style and culture elements of Onmyoji is a wisp of fresh air in the Chinese mobile game market. Traditional Japanese character design plus high quality illustrations, movie level of music and excellent voice acting helped catch many people’s attention. Then it was the media report and world of mouth that pushed the game to a broadened audience. Onmyoji may not innovate the gameplay, but it sets a new visual and aural standard for the anime mobile RPG.

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