Blade and Soul KFM Tank Desolate Tomb 4 man

SF can still do some decent DPS. One of the better ones I know does 10-12k dps and has pushed up to 20k plus when I SB. They do have their legendary weapon and have a lot of experience though. When it gets insane is when you have SB and FS going together. My main is a warlock. With both buffs going as well as my other stuff I have hit 38k dps. I don’t have my legendary yet. My kfm has been left out here lately because legendary is expensive AF to save for

The thing that makes this impressive though is because kfm is a lot harder to proc those numbers. It’s not just about ping but actual skill. It does take good ping to time skills on a kfm yes but it takes skill to manage the class.

No matter how many people shitted on KFM I knew how they’d turn out and always stuck with them since day 1. Every patch and skill release has been sex on the eyes.

I was watching some of your videos, and youre always using wind build. Just thinking about it, pve wise, wouldn’t fire build just straight up so more damage? Because while swift strike gives you a small heal, tiger strike does more damage, is AoE, and does even more damage on a searing palm’d enemy with HM. Also the comet strike down the left (fire) does a large shot of damage and resets with steroid. So I just have to ask, why wind build? Its more versatile for pvp, but other that that its vastly single target stuff.

Wind is the fun to play build, fast anicancel but really lacks mobility. Fire with wind comet is the easy but high mobility build. I dont recommend fire comet since the animation is slow, need to wait for reset. Although fire is good when you have wl.
Your avg dps with blue buff around 680ap should be 40-50k depending on your gems.

The only thing is dislike about wind build is that crit is really important for your overall dps as you wont always get 100% since you need to stack palm slowly in order to keep the debuff on the boss.

Once we get elemental accessories it is said that wind is better so maybe it is a good thing to start 2rfing haha but in the end, it really is a matter preference atm. 2rf is really cool and rewarding when well executed. Fire build is for undergeared ppl that needs that crit 100% at s4 or for lazy ppl like me. (When i want some fun tho i go nexus and 3rf gatecrasher.

i don’t seem to use comet strike that much in my rotations. i don’t even know where to put them in the rotation. also if i use fighting spirit i end up with those small gaps in between each comet strike. tldr: i use comet strike so little when people use it so much what or how can i fix this issue?

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