Blade and Soul – melting old 4-man dungeon bosses KFM PoV

Many classes got awakened skills changed which are much better. KFM still kept Awakened Searing Palm, but now it’s faster to cast and Cyclone Kick and Tiger Strike do more damage during awakened searing palm debuff (cyclone does double damage). Also you can cast Cyclone without condition during awakened searing palm making LB F spam very fast and smooth as you don’t have to wait for laggy server to register LB crit.

This is great because not only the 15 sec of soulburn dps was increased, also 10 more sec after that, since you’ll still have awakened searing palm up, so you can spam LB F with double damage.

I have always been a fire KFM because when I first reached endgame content people said it was easier to learn, however, lately I’ve been thinking of switching to wind. Could you tell me what you think is best DPS-wise? Should I stick with fire or should I go wind (and what wind build is best)? If so, could you make a new guide on your rotation during certain scenarios like: no buffs, bluebuff, SB, SB+bluebuff? I would very much appreciate it!

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