Blade and Soul NA / EU Impressions & Review – Why you should play this game

I got my first look at Blade & Soul NA / EU in the first closed beta, and my first impressions were great! After playing through all of the betas so far, I figured I had enough experience with the game to give you guys an informed review of this game and help show you the great things about BnS!

Counters are always such a good addition to melee combat, it adds a level of depth that keep opponents guessing if they should attack and risk to see if they’re faster than your counter, or wait a second longer and let you counter air and waste resources, counters are bae

What he meant was…for example: dark souls is a fantasy universe with monsters and magic, but the combat moves are authentic, you would actually execute your sword swings the same way in real life. Here it’s more of a… I’m a japanese superman It’s fun though. It’s a preference thing.

The game looks okay. I’m tired of f2p mmos being anime themed. I want to be a cool looking beast, not some sexy asian geisha girl. On top of that everyone focuses on the pvp aspect so it doesn’t seem like it’s fit for someone like me who is only into pve. I have a strong feeling that this game will be all the rave for a few months and then people will be looking for something better.

Can you please tell me where you bought your attachable mic from? i assume it’s the same one that you recorded your sound with in the video? i would really appreciate it if you could tell me. I’ll also subscribe to your channel if that helps as well.

its still going strong in Asia, bruh its not a revolutionary hd tits mmo either, I play as a male and I wouldn’t classify him as good looking or not good looking and stop getting angry, if you don’t want to play it, don’t, just crawl back to WoW, its shitty graphics will always be there for you, until it completely dies.

I’ve been playing BnS for a month or two now and I’m not into PVP because frankly, I just get killed straight away haha. I only put on my PVP outfit when it’s needed for a quest and I try to avoid other players during that time. It’s easy to avoid PVP if you keep a PVE outfit on for the majority.

Let me guess, the drop rate in this game is as annoying and ridiculously irritating and hairpulling as most NCSofts games are. alon pissed me off so much with how ridiculously low the drop rate was. Most grindy game i’ve played in my entire life.

Played all Betas and tried it when it came out, I still hate it, everything this game offers is boring, the only thing this MMO got going for it was that people highly promoted it and it got more attention then any other MMO releasing this year. From what I’ve seen so far that after the first day the hype started to snowball(in the bad direction), after 3 days I never heared of this game again, the viewer count for this game on twitch also dropped incredibly low. Usualy it is at 1000 Views(overall) but even now that there are big streamers and a big event is going on they only get 5000, ofcourse it was to expect that the views would drop, but from the hype it was geting you would expect it to atleast have constant 10000 views, nope.

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