[Blade and Soul] NA leveling Guide 1-20

Once Blade and Soul released, I Figured it out. What you have to do, around levels 10-15ish, maybe even higher, is make sure you get your weapon to max Hongmoon level, then evolve it with stalker. then max it out from there, without using the next breakthrough (since it becomes available at level 20.) then what you do is go to the dreamdrift, and sprint through the entirety of it, and mass all the mobs together. then you just mash tab, using lunar slash, and they die easily. works extremely well with Hongmoon soup as well.

I cant seem to get stalker axe”required for weapon evolution” at the jiangshi roulette even after using all my keys.How else am i supposed to get that axe.Help would be much appreciated!

Yes it is/was. He played the closed beta test. The client you would have downloaded back then is now obsolete and you need a new one for launch. If you did not already get it, you can now download the client on the official website for a few days now.

What class has the fastest attack speed and are most mobile (can move fast, teleport, etc)? It doesn’t has to be the best, but at least in top 2 or 3 in both categories. Also, thank you for the awesome guide!

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