blade and soul next update

whenever you play a free to play game, there will always be some type of cash shop item that gives an edge. There will always be people like you who think it’s not fair but need to understand that this isn’t just a game. It is a business and it needs to generate profit. Subscription isn’t nearly enough. you don’t really need it which is what turns some people off from it. It’s a luxary thing.
They are not making the process harder, they are making it easier for players who just started the game. 24 mans are usually dead because all of the veterans that ran 24 mans are gone to higher level places. i created an alt and im glad i don’t have to go through that pain again cause i hated 24 mans, sure i have to grind the dgn but that’s fine.

You don’t need to pay more money for slots, that’s for legendary. YOU DON’T NEED LEGENDARY. Awakened Breeze / True Pirate with true siren accessories is enough to get you through all of the new dgns. There’s nothing wrong with legendary, some players have the money to get it and there’s nothing wrong with that. If anything those are the people that keep the game alive. If a game doesn’t make any profit it shuts down because its costing more than what it’s making to keep it up.

RNG boxes, once again. Subs do not always pay for everything. Think of it as walking through a mall and seeing something on sale. It’s nice but you don’t really need it. It makes your experience a bit easier but YOU DO NOT NEED it.

NCSoft has done a horrible job with maint of the game bot wise, and content wise imo. However, once again, f2p means some type of money has to be made. If you can’t play for more than 3-4 hours than focus on the quest that give you the most gold. Most MMOs are time consuming, so if you don’t know that by know then you need to catch up. You also can’t blame your inability to play on them, i’m sure you have a job, family, kids, school, etc but this game is very time consuming, quest can take 30 mins to a hour depending on which ones.

The free cash shop, One thing i will admit is that they have severally lowered the rates on getting venture tokens. I think before silverfrost patch i was able to get up to about 2.4k HM coins. Now i haven’t seen one. i do think they lowered rates to makes us go to the cash shop more, however. you can sell your gold to make more of those coins. Making gold in this game is really easy to be honest. Sell transformations stones and you’re golden as long as you keep the supply of soulstones up. you can easily make 500 g in a day. and if you complain about the BPs being OP…… You got to spend money to make money.

I admit i spent money on this game, but i only spent money when it came to costumes. Why? because you don’t need anything from the cash shop == (unless your rich, if you are go crazy)

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