[Blade and soul ] (PVP) Warlock VS Summoner

It’s about time there is a class that can actually play fair against a summoner . I mean To me Summoner 1v1 was not a 1v1 . With the cat being able to take more damage and dish out stuns as well shift places with the player , I always found it was more like 1v2 . In fact that is what it is honestly . At least warlock is meant to be its counter class .For every class needs to have a counter class or else the game is just unbalanced .

summoners are like amumu in league of legends they look like cute and not too dangerous and when you face them they clean the floor with your corps in pvp.

After playing the warlock in the NA version, seems to me that it is more or less a badass version of Summoner, being stronger, faster, and more punishing than their familiar in every position except for duration however, just like with the cat being able to be revived, the thrall can be resummoned. I have a feeling that the NA warlock is pre nerf though as abilities like dragoncall have let me one hit pretty much every single boss all the way to Cinderlands. The exceptions being the fatty in Blackram Narrow.

I have both a lvl 45 Warlock and Summoner and it’s actually hard to compare the two. Yes, they’re both spell-casters with summons, but if you try to play a Warlock like a Summoner, like I sometimes did, you will die or get punished. In an ideal situation where the mobs aren’t aggroing you, yes Warlock does a shit-ton of burst damage; but, it’s hard to create a situation like that solo with only a 3 sec taunt on your Thrall. Summoner, on the other hand, has many more tools than Warlock for survivability making them easier to create a situation where they can max DPS.

Also saying anything to anyone about the bot problom will actuly get you ATTACKED by the community due to fuckboys wanting free wins due to the bad programing of the bots,thus saying hacking bots are a problom will get you jumped on by 90% of faction chat.

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