Blade and Soul: Should you Play it?

If any part of the combat is boring its cause ur playing force master. If it’s not, then combat should be entertaining with any class. Also, I agree summoners are an ez class, but so are force masters. And, a lot of ppl who do pvp hate summs lol, but that’s usually just in bronze and silver. Regarding spam bots, ncsoft stepped up and now I rarely get pm’s from spam bots so that’s good. Grinding? Well, that’s any mmo. And, pay2win… Actually, this is also “pay 2 be lazy” not pay2win. You could just buy gold to upgrade gear, but the mechanics are more important than how much ap you have. Past 600ap is kind of unnecessary. I agree the exclusive wardrobe is really stupid and they should change that. Finally, I’d disagree with the rating because its not really pay2win, but rather “pay 2 be lazy”/”pay for advantages”. If anything, I’d minus points for story line or grinding.

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