Blade And Soul state the same as it was 2 month ago?

So, i got pissed off 2 months ago because of some problems with this game/servers/whatever. I’ve been playing quite a number of games lately and been into game developing too. Anyway, for those reasons i need more room in my HDD and was planing to delete BnS. However, its hard for me because i really loved the game when it came out and even now i keep thinking about playing again, but then i remember all the bad things and that is what keeps me from loggin again. Decided to give it a last shot by asking about the server status before uninstalling it or getting back to the game, so i came up with this questions.
1. Is pvp arena still filled with bots/hackers? Im a fan of balanced PvP but those summoners with perma-resist just make me wanna quit PvP, even if they can be killed its still annoying as hell

2. Does the frame stutter still happens after some PvP rounds? Not everyone had this problem, but for those who have it is annoying as hell. I remember i was able to play 10-13 PvP rounds before having to restart the client because the FPS would go so low it became unplayable. I realize part of the problem is my PC specs but the fact that it happens its also due to poor game optimization causing memory leaks, else i would just get either very low FPS all the time (if my PC couldnt handle the game) or just smooth FPS all the time (if my PC could handle the game).

3. Is ssp/mw still filled with bots/hackers? I remember ssp being filled with speed-hack bots and mw filled with untargetable players hiding with the faction mask thing.

4. Is the random (1000) disconect error still going on? Before someone jumps in saying its because my net is unstable and blah blah blah. I know that COULD be a cause but im sure most of the time is some bug that causes it. Back then when the came came out it was a very popular topic.

5. Is there any other game-ruining-experience thing i should know? I dont mind the game being “pay to win”, in fact, im not even gonna argue if it is or not pay to win, i honestly dont care about that part. I just wanna know if there are other things like new kind of bots, hacks, bugs, etc. That breaks the game for people or maybe something like “well with the new updates you MUST use this class because every other class is useless now”. I mean, something REALLY like a MUST. If some classes got a bit nerfed for whatsoever reason its okay as long as they still have something they are good at.

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