Blade and Soul – Transmutation guide (Transmute gems, costumes and other)

These dungeons you may encounter while doing guests they have a white door and they are really small solo content when you run to the end to kill the leader or something.

What I have noticed is that all of normal dungeons have a chest at the end and when you loot that chest it will drop gem bag or repair hammer or unsealing charm . Some dungeons drop the same item ever time .the good thing is that when you leave the dungeon the chest will respawn so you can go back again and loot it .

If you run the same one over and over, eventually the chest will not give you any loot whatsoever. This is done to combat bots farming that kind of materials. I’d say one of the fastest ways to get good gem fragments is to just do one of the 4 blue dungeons and be quick about looting the box at the end.

I am fairly confused about something, am I supposed to be crafting the Brilliant Hexagonal Gem Chests or the Brilliant Pentagonal Gem Chests? Hexagonal has more sides = More stats, but I do not know if that is true for this case?

Something I was wondering about the Transmutation is there’s a slot beneath the circle for something that can enhance your chance of successfully transmutating whatever it is you want. I dont know what goes there, any chance you do?

As you said in the video there is a chance for the transmutation to fail. Is that true only for the gems or also for the elements/gemstones? I’m currently leveling my awakened siren sword and was thinking about transmuting some elements but the soulstones are so expensive right now and I don’t want to waste them on failed transmutations.

Depends on your luck really. It’s impossible to say. I got my 300 red damage gem on my 2nd transmute try and that gem is 40g last time I checked the marketplace. I’d say try it a few times when you have left over soulstones and if you don’t get what you want, start by buying the diamond +attack gem as that one is the best.

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