Blade & Soul 3.6 – New Costumes – Profile & Mod Included – KR

I’ve played it since the 1st day of the launch till I got bored of farming Yeti’s weapon, thats like 8 months, the game has no endgame content, it sucks dick.

Game has literally tons of end game content and if it took you 8 months then u didn’t play everyday since day one since only takes about a week..sounds like u really never played it at all .

Whoa gorgeous! If I ever play this I might consider going for Yun or Lyn race but I have a question even if you pick a Yun or Lyn race you can change their skin color right? And for taller races can you adjust their height? Just wondering, I don’t like how the other races are so tall.

You probably enjoyed the tits and ass as much as anybody did. Besides, if you turn away your focus from those, you might notice a story that’s quite intriguing.

Those are some really nice mods. Too bad i haven’t played bns in over 6 months o.o Got burned out and tired of trying to keep up. The majority of the community didn’t help much either, in the west that is. Too toxic for me.

If only bns changes its combat system to be more action based and less abilities that are tap target like it would become one of the best mmo out there I mean holy shit the art in bns is 10/10.

ok here is a thing i m playing BNS but i cant aply any mod no matter where i download it or how so anyone know why that happens to me?..i think its the gameguard antivirus that the game has its own antihack removes everything i got installed.

While the costumes are nice, I stopped caring for this game a little after level 20. If I could get Guild wars 2 gameplay with these outfits I would be in heaven. Black Desert looks like a contender for what I want though.

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