Blade & Soul Gameplay(High Quality)

I can’t wait beta is this coming Friday!! I bought one of the packages.. and I am so looking forward to playing in the beta this coming weekend. I have waited for at least 3 years or so for this game.

I have to say that this is just an incredibly beautifully artistic looking game. The graphics in beta were really good. I enjoyed the way they have the combat system set up. I got to level 25 on one character and then rolled all the other classes just trying them all out to get a feel for what I might like when the release hits.

Well the TW version is playable but will take a lot of time to upgrade weapon (unless you eat leprechaun for breakfast) the game is play able and lots of English players plays there.

This looks so much better than the actual version. The version now is way too systematic formatted to be less immerse and way less exploration value since there is literally only one way quest line.

The way Jin walks now look like a gay guy intentionally trying to walk femininely (nothing against gays). the natural feeling is completely gone.

Most of the maps in the video does not exist any further and half the skill in this video have been removed from the actual game. also the poses and movements you see can not be done race such as gon as a huge pain in the ass look with one harm sticking right through their weapons.

I just got advertisements for this game, it was “specially recommented” for me- Thought this non lock on fighting system could be nice, and I love Martial arts, but I even wonder, if it includes an fair “free to play” system (NCSoft is well known, for the oppsite..), and wanted to see some gameplay and else first. But just a unique fighting system don’t compensate a lame Story, or quesline, and boring quests- Tera absolutely proved that .

The quest is a bit annoying since they are kinda like Wow questing but they are mostly quests that you do along the way so you don’t really need to care all too much. Also there is only

As for the aiming system is bit messy. Occasionally your aiming will auto lock on a enemy that you are not looking at (I noticed it a lot while playing assassin)

Also there will be some chance that if the game is F2P costumes will cost real money. I noticed this when I realize that JP and KR server (both P2P) can purchase certain costumes with in game gold that CN and TW (F2P) would pay real moneys for.

This is a side note:Every server has a different amount of boss hp and weapon upgrade system. CN and TW versions are known to be full on buy to play since the First legendary weapon (Total four so far) cost around 3000 USD for the Chinese server and around 10,000 USD for TW (the gold alone is around 2000 for a single upgrade with 800 soul shards which in combine is around 2500 gold and you have to do it 10 times, considering that you only get 50 copper for a kill and 40 silver for a quest and you can only do it around 12 times a day you can do the math).

Biggest bullshit yet the TW versions bosses is so far the hardest version yet the final boss for the third map has 2 times the HP more than the Korean version. This was caused because NCsoft Taiwan decided to change the dungeon difficulty based on the elite players making it impossible for normal players to even try the dungeons.

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