Blade & Soul (NA) Details VIP Members Bonuses

Blade & Soul’s NA and EU versions are free to access with microtransaction. NCsoft has detailed the premium membership bonuses and a premium ranking system that allows VIP players to increase their ranks through spending NCoin and Hongmoon Coin in the in-game Hongmoon Store. Check out below the details.


You can choose between 30, 60, and 90 day Premium Memberships through the in-game shop, also known as the Hongmoon Store. Once purchased, the Rank 1 Premium Membership benefits apply to any characters on the account.


If you are not familiar with the business model, NCoin can only be purchased with real money and can use to buy virtual items of all NCsoft MMOs. Hongmoon Coin can be earned through playing the game but can only be used in Blade & Soul. Spending both currencies will level up your premium rank in the same speed, NCsoft confirms.


Below are the bonuses and boosts VIP players can gain at different ranks. You can click the image for the full size.

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