Blade & Soul NA Tower of Memories

Tower of Memory is a limited time event, similar to the Vipercap Gauntlet event. It is available from Oct 5th to the 23rd. Minimum level is 16 and no AP/gear is required to do this. It is located in Jadestone Village, between the portals of Shattered Masts and Gloomdross Incursion. Because it is a daily you can only do once a day. Reset tokens are available to purchase for 39 Ncoins or HM coins. There are 3 floors.

Floor 1 Infernal Lord:
– Grab the Frostspewers
– Attacking with the Frostspewers will apply cold stacks
– At 100 cold stacks the boss will freeze
– Hit “1” when he’s frozen to fire the alternative mode with the Frostspewer
– He will summon Fire Flowers. Step over them to clear them otherwise he’ll use it to heal up (similar to Asura)
– The Fire Flowers do not cause any status effects

Floor 2 Winter or Blood Mane:
– RNG of either Winter or Blood Mane
– Grab the machine guns
– The alternative fire (1) fires a grenade launcher which launches the boss up into the air
– You want the beam of the opposite colour to hit the boss. For example if it’s Blood Mane you want the blue beam to hit him.
– If the same colour beams if the boss then he will gain health
– Launch Mane into the air to stop his room aoe

Floor 3 Profane Jianshi:
– Poharan will be the main damage dealer for this floor
– Half go for Frostspewer and other half grab the Flamethrower
– When Poh is binded it will either be red or blue. Hit her with the opposite colour to free her (just like Ebon Hall).
– Be sure someone takes out the boss’ shield as Poh is binded in order for her to damage the boss
– 6 mobs will be summoned. 3 blue and 3 red. Hit them with the opposite colour
– Any mobs that are still alive will be absorbed by the boss and he will gain health

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