Blade & Soul: NA/EU Discussion – Release More End Game Content

Alright before i enter into BeS, lemme point out something from MMOs experience (not hardcore). For example free MMOs that dont have monthly payment thats it, their end game is quite sad or either veary slow, and their engine, fight mechanic and stuff where veary GOOD above the average for sure, although their End content and how fast or slow the company deploys more content can be rather slow, for example Tera, GW2 and few other’s.
None of them have that great content deployement like for example Wow. Still i have not seen a MMO with content similar to Wow, in the end mostly of the currect MMOs ends into PvP, Fashion or gear farm… With well for my opinion its quite disapointing for such great tittles.

I played BeS beta for a week, the graphics and combat mechanics, ARE veary GOOD and when i say good its good compared to many MMOs outsite there honestly, the story and the stuff that i just mentioned, gets a guy veary inside of the game playing tons of hours with sht loads of fun! i enjoyed veary much in that regard.

Now i just hope that the end game contend dont lacks behinde for such a good MMO, videos that i saw for example

I okay at waiting and stuff, but making raids bosses, Easy/medium/hard dungeons, achivements hunting, exploration, rep farming for mounts, tons of stuff to do and worth our while did make many people happy. I mean, we miss a type of MMO to have the quantidy of Wow, but with better quality such Tera or especial BeS all togeter.

Understand each game has their funds, time limit, their plans, rules, so i dont and will not question about that, but damn if this game could Exceed stuff, it did be famous more than it is!

Do care this is of my own personal opinion not pointing, nor complaining or saying a game its better that other, just the fact of having high hopes in this game of such a nice experience that i felt on beta and afraid to be disapointed at end game content like i was on many games…Ofc ppl have their gameplay styles and stuff, total understand, but like i mentioned, this game aka Blade and Soul has in my opinion a veary good opportunity to shine over most of existing MMOs either new or old.

I did appreciate if theres more videos or links about news about the content and such similarys and link in here so i can check it and read, since i not veary much a forum guy(with idd did be more helpfull if i was lol).

My best regards to the Dev Team and everyone in it, and the forums readers/writers, working at doing this game godlike!

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