[Blade & Soul] PvP Championship 2014 – Jin Blade Master vs. Assassin

Well no need for insult i was very sleepy when i was typing it, but seriously though have u fought warlock,destroyer,summoner, as a BM their going to shit on you so hard and there was never a top 10 rank BM in all the season in NA i played since January and all top was BD, DES, SUM, after the lvl 50 release then Force Master and KFM manage to reach Top 10 so currently we are getting wreck whether u accept it or no and right now that strongest BM only manage to top60+ in NA.

Destroyer vs Assasian wouldbe harder a Assasian’s one Weakness is If they get a knock down or huge hit there screwed unless they have a smokebomb.Destroyer.A Assasian is Bad for them aswell because “No Move no Matter how Powerful is Useless if you can Reach the Target” With Any Class mostly destroyer They rely on strong hits and asorbing hits but Its suer hard to catch a Assasian Plus They can Poison and they have well placed Smokebombs so in all fairness it lays down topure luck and skill.

it if you choose but DN was the best MMORPG for pvp during its 24-50 cap once 60-80 cap hit it started going down hill and finally when 90 cap was intergrated it became a joke as of right now bns is the best mmorpg with pvp aspect.

Assassin is the one whos vanish and teleport back all the time. Did u really use ur mind and eyes when watching this or not?? and of course blade master is the one who have the sword in their hand because they are blade master.

That Assassin gave me chills on the spine lol, he resisted so much. This fight was amazing! I felt like I’m really watching Final Fantasy lol. I can’t wait the game to come out to the west territories. Right now I’m playing on the BnS Russian server, but I’m waiting blown to experience something like this.

Both play female characters but are men? Weird. I know the women can be hot but anyone who plays a female I assume is a woman and they are a woman to me just saying. Great video though.

Monroe it does look intimidating at first glance but its a great mmo. this game is balanced, despite what u think. everything in the arena is skill and knowledge. this Blademaster is a great example of that. why? Cause the assassin is the hardest match up for the Blademaster.

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